Scenario /səˈnerēˌō/ – noun; a postulated sequence or development of events. A scenario is similar to a situation, but a scenario hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all.

This isn’t some cliché Cosmopolitan quiz, where you can judge your partner’s bedroom gymnastic skills based on the way they lace their shoes. Nor is it an online questionnaire that determines which Disney princess you would be. But rather inquiries from the deeper end of the mental pool, asking hypothetical questions to which there are no text book-approved right answers. The truth can be found when you set aside social conditioning and morality, and try really hard not to lie to yourself.

TO NOTE: We’ll be using the term “significant other” a lot and rather loosely here, so if you lack significance just insert whoever is nearest and dearest to your heart.

Whether through a miracle of modern science or an act of divine intervention, if you could change one physical attribute about yourself, what would it be? Just imagine ­— you could improve your eyesight, lose 20lbs, change your hair color, grow your hair back or make hair not grow in certain areas. The catch — you must choose one change for your significant other… without consulting them. It’ll be okay once you consider that ‘significant’ broken down is- “sign if I can’t”.

You have been granted/damned with the gift/curse of immortality. You will stop aging, never get sick, never get hurt and you will never die. You may choose one person to share eternity with and until death do us part no longer applies. Who would you choose? Would they accept it? Who’s your second choice? Would you sell it? Or would you rather see forever alone?

carYou and your significant find yourselves in a precarious situation — a forest fire, snake pit, quicksand, collapsing building, $1 beer night — dealer’s choice. Only one of you will make it out alive. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll sacrifice yourself so they may live, or sacrifice them so you can go on living. NO you can’t both make it! And NO, you can’t just die together — that’s murder/suicide and both would be your fault. Does it make a difference if no one would know?

Someone must die, who and how falls upon your shoulders. Either you can perish from a gunshot wound to the head. Or your significant other will be devoured alive by a sleuth of ravenous bears. (FYI- sleuth is the proper term for a pack of bears.) How do you keep finding yourself in these insane situations? What if the death methodology were reversed? Would you be eaten alive to spare someone a bullet? And no, you can’t have both.

A billionaire philanthropist, who has a penchant for social experimentation, offers you the deal of a lifetime. You and your significant other will each receive $5 million apiece, in cash, tax free. There’re just two catches. Number one, you can never see each other again; and number two, it is up for you to solely decide (significant). Would you accept the offer? Would you tell your partner if you refused? Wouldn’t it be ironic if you broke-up over you not accepting?

You and your loved one are top suspects of a felonious crime. There’s no denying the DNA evidence, no bargaining chips on the table and life imprisonment or death row awaits. However, there comes a moment during interrogation, where you can put the whole thing off on the other person. Or take full blame for the crime onto your own shoulders. So do you sell out? Crawl under the bus yourself? Or let justice prevail dooming you both?

You’ve just caught your significant other in an act of betrayal (there were pigeons and Miracle Whip involved) at the no-tell motel. You speed away, leaving the adulterous scene, and for reasons unbeknownst to you, they follow. You pull over by a bridge ready for the potential confrontation. They miss the turn and hit the bridge railing. The car containing your former significance (and their other) flips down the embankment and plunges into the icy waters below. The car is slowly sinking… they’re trapped inside… screaming for help… there’s no one else around. How long do you wait before you call for help?

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.