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Decision to Leave (2022) (** ½) Park Chan Wook’s latest is the tale of a police detective’s growing love for the widow of the victim in his latest murder case, in spite of the fact that evidence points to her being responsible for the crime. Glacially paced and maddeningly inscrutable at times, the film is a beauty to behold visually but a letdown from a story telling perspective.

New to Disc:

Warner Brothers:

Casablanca (1942) The film classic, widely regarded as one of the best in film history, gets a nifty 4K UHD upgrade that retains the bonus materials found in previous editions. It’s definitely worth the upgrade for the transfer alone.


Audrey Rose (1977) Anthony Hopkins and Marsha Mason star in director Robert Wise’s tale of a couple who come to believe their daughter is the reincarnation of the deceased girl of the film’s title. Extras include featurettes, archival interviews and commentary.

Incredible But True (2022) The latest from quirky director Quentin Dupieux is the tale of a couple who purchase a new home only to discover a mysterious tunnel in the basement. Extras include interviews, featurettes and collector’s booklet.New To Theaters And Disc

Cohen Releasing:

Monsieur Hire (1989) A reclusive man, a suspect in a murder case, finds himself the target of his female neighbor in this thriller that was met with praise during its initial release. Extras include new interviews and commentary.


Escape From Alcatraz (1978) The fifth cinematic teaming for director Don Siegel and star Clint Eastwood-an account of the only three men to escape from the legendary prison-gets a new 4K transfer along with a bonus commentary in this terrific new edition.

Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) Tonight Show producer Fred De Cordova directs and future President Ronald Reagan stars as a professor tasked with taking care of a chimp in order to secure the hand of his girlfriend. The film served as a punchline to many jokes but is actually a harmless comedy. Extras include a new commentary and trailer.

Also available from the label this week is the Bob Hope comedy, Fancy Pants (1950), which also includes a bonus commentary.

Scorpion Releasing:

The Cycle Savages (1969) Bruce Dern and Casey Kasem star in this atypical tale of a biker gang on the loose in the late 1960s. Extras include a new commentary.

Also being issued by the label this week is the Jack Starrett directed tale of a man trying to readjust to life after prison, A Small Town in Texas (1976), which stars Timothy Bottoms.


Saturday Night Fever (1977) The landmark film of the late 1970s gets a new 4K upgrade just in time for its 45th anniversary release. Previous extras have been retained.


The Power of the Dog (2021) The recent Oscar winner gets a physical disc release this week from the label in both 4K and Blu Ray formats. The set includes copious amounts of bonus material as well.

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Photo: Park Hae-il and Tang Wei in Decision to Leave