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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (***) Forty Five years after the first installment, the fifth film in the Mad Max series has arrived and it does not disappoint. Returning series director, George Miller, still knows how to orchestrate an action sequence like no other as evidenced in a terrific thirty minute set piece in the middle of the film. And although this entry-a prequel giving us the origin of a character introduced in the last film-is a little exposition heavy and offers a few too many subplots, it’s still miles ahead of any of the action film competition out there.

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Photo: Chris Hemsworth & Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

New to Streaming:

The Beach Boys (2024) (***) Frank Marshall, the director behind the Bee Gees documentary film from several years back, co-directs this similarly styled look at the legendary group of the 1960s. Unfortunately, some details are omitted and the film trails off at 1974 but there are some fascinating nuggets contained therein. Enough for fans to seek it out at the very least.

Also newly available to digitally purchase is Challengers (**) which stars Zendaya as a tennis star romancing two of her competitors. For a film that was labeled ‘sexy’ by the majority of mainstream critics earlier this year it offers surprisingly little in that department and also very little logic as well. Overrated, over stylized and overblown.

New to Disc:


Pandemonium (2023) A car accident leads to all sorts of strange phenomena in the afterworld after both parties are killed in this anthology thriller from filmmaker Quarxx. Extras include new interviews and a collectable booklet.

Radiance Films:

Shinobi (1962) Samurai clans find themselves pawns in a game to decide who rules their nation in this Japanese actioner. Extras include a booklet, interviews and visual essay.


Girlfight (2000) Michelle Rodriguez is a victimized teen who finds her place in the world of boxing in Karyn Kusama’s hard hitting drama finally getting the high definition treatment it deserves. Extras include commentaries and interviews.

All That Breathes (2022) Shaunak Sen’s acclaimed environmental documentary, charting birds being rescued from the clutches of pollution, arrives on Blu-Ray and also includes a filmmaker interview.

Anatomy of a Fall (2023) The 2024 Oscar Nominee for Best Picture, the tale of a writer accused of murdering her husband and the ensuing trial, makes its disc debut this week courtesy of the label. Bonus material included commentary, deleted scenes, interview and audition footage.


John Waters’ Cry Baby (1990), which stars Johnny Depp as a rebel in the year 1954 with the talent of shedding one single tear at a time, comes to 4K and Blu-Ray for the first time ever in this handsome new edition stacked with new bonus features.

Also being released from the label this week is Monk: The Complete Seventh Season and the Sci Fi Chillers Collection (1957-66), which is a new set from the label containing the following titles; The Unknown Terror / The Colossus of New York / Destination Inner Space.

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