Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in Theaters:

Wakanda Forever (2022) The long-awaited sequel to Black Panther has finally arrived after a nearly five year wait. The latest Marvel film deals with the aftermath of the death of T’Challa and the attempts to keep his kingdom safe from outside forces in his absence.

New to Disc:


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Seasons Seven and Eight are the latest remastered collections from the label containing 36 episodes on the first set and 32 on the second set. All are digitally remastered.

Warner Brothers:

New To Theaters And Disc

Lupita Nyong’o (left) and Letitia Wright in Wakanda Forever

Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) Tilda Swinton is an academic who gets a real surprise when she encounters a Djinn who will give her three wishes in exchange for her freedom. George Miller directs this adaptation of an A.S. Byatt short story. There are no extras.

Shout Factory:

The Sonny Chiba Collection is a new set featuring seven of the late legendary martial arts master’s hard to find action films, all beautifully remastered as part of the Shout Select series of releases. Films included in the set are Yakuza Wolf Parts 1 and 2, Extend My Condolences, Bodyguard Kiba 1 and 2, Shogun’s Shadow, Samurai Reincarnation and Swords of Vengeance. Extras include a Sonny Chiba interviews and trailers.

The label is offering a 4K UHD upgrade of Used Cars (1980) which retains the previous extras found on their Blu Ray edition.


Halo: Season One (2022) The live action adaptation of the immensely popular video game, which originally aired on Showtime, makes its way to 4K and Blu Ray this week. The set includes over 5 hours of special features which highlight the creation of the show.

Blue Hawaii (1961) The 1961 technicolor musical starring Elvis Presley-the first of three the entertainment legend filmed in Hawaii- makes its debut in the 4K UHD format in a lovingly restored new edition that features a new commentary and a photo scrapbook.

Also being released from the label this week is a new Blu Ray edition of Airplane 2: The Sequel and a 4K upgrade of Wayne’s World.


The Infernal Affairs Trilogy (2002-2003) The groundbreaking crime drama trilogy from Hong Kong makes its stateside debut in the Blu Ray format. The new edition, in addition to the restoration of the films, features such extras as commentaries, archival interviews, making of programs and behind-the-scenes footage.

Film Movement:

Queen of Glory (2022) is director and star Nana Mensah’s look at a woman’s attempts to deal with the sudden inheritance of a Christian bookstore after her mother dies suddenly.


Loving Highsmith (2022) Celebrated American author, Patricia Highsmith, gets the documentary treatment in a film based on the writer’s diaries, notebooks and reflections of those who knew her. Extras include additional interviews and footage and a look at the recording of the score. Also new from the label this week are Assasination (1967) and The Diamond Wizard (1954).

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