chainsaw_headerQUICK RECAP: Last week we discussed an article, which was submitted by a reader, and this writer’s opinion. It cited the current, rising and rapidly spreading pandemic of the “drug culture” as the primary instigator in our societies’ decline. No argument there — drugs are bad (to put it mildly and directly). However, as this writer reflected, it’s just one small dilapidated piece of a decaying, defunct puzzle. We concluded the column with cordial continuation, of a promised potential proposal for hope for humanity on the horizon and… I … lied… it’s hopeless!

What, do you want me to do? Lie to you (a second time)? Do you want to read a bit of powdery fluff that’s stained brown and reeks of bull***t? That’s just crap. Not only because those are two fecal traits, but because it’d just be another steaming pile of “feel good” lying on the universe’s lawn of life. Oh, does that offend your delicate sensibilities? Do you require a bit of sugarcoating on your poo? Do you need to hear that if you say your prayers, pay your taxes and recycle, then everything will be okay? Everything will be right with and within the world? That whatever isn’t will “sort itself out”? Or since only God can judge, you we’ll just leave it to God to sort out? Well, God’s got nothing to do with this and you’ll receive sympathy from neither him nor me on this particular account. Because it’s high time we were all (myself included) held accountable!

“Now, you listen to me. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit being part of the problem and put the other guy back on!” (John McClane)

So what is the problem? Well, just ask anybody. Rest assured they will have their own list of problematic issues at the ready. For their turn at the complaints department counter. Yes, we all know what the problem is ­— or at least our version, of what we think it is. And we all want to address our problems at once. Because it’s only fair that everyone is heard. Everyone has a voice. And whether or not they actually have anything worth saying, we will listen….or at least let them talk. All the while thinking of what we’ll say when it’s our turn, or talking over them because we need to be heard now… at the same time… all at once… one mighty incoherent garbled voice united to the sky… into the abyss of nothingness.

The real problem is that the problem isn’t the problem. It’s the solution that’s the problem. Make no mistakes it is NOT a lack thereof. There are solutions aplenty — at least one per problem. Nor is it that the solution or solutions, is or are neither implausible nor impossible. So what’s the problem with the solution? Nobody likes it. The problem with the solution is that everyone would rather find problems with the solution rather than utilize the solution to solve the original problem. Thus creating more problems with each attempt to solve them and in turn creating more problems with each solution. ERROR:::ERROR::: full paradox parameters breached!!!

Yes, round and round and round we go and where it stops… nobody knows. Can we please stop the ride; I’m feeling a bit squeamish. And assuredly at least some of you are (like myself) — ready to get off.

Perhaps we should abandon the infinity of it all and offer an explanatory example of the solution = problems theorem?

Global warming is happening. Whether we like it or not, unless you are a fool you can see it. There is a solution — things we can do to try and save our planet and in turn ourselves. But it would mean sacrifice and change, which many aren’t willing to make or accept. So we complain and argue the fact (finding problems within the solution) because it may inconvenience us. Inevitably denying there’s even a problem, and nothing gets done.

This is how we, the human race, solves all its problems: blatant group denial. Hey, maybe if we ignore it, it’ll just go away or we can pretend like it did. Round and round and round it goes and where does it stop… at the end of the world.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.