chainsaw_header“The human race, it never fails to confound, confuse or disappoint.” – (Chainsaw).

Through conversations conversed at the local supermarket checkout. Chats carried out on cellphones poised inches from faces in the department store toy aisles. Discussions between folks, over steaming Starbuck’s whip-topped-frappe-latte-mocha-crunchy caramel-flavored cappuccino grandees outside said establishments. It’s not eavesdropping… people just tend to talk really loud.

There’s a general consensus floating about of not everyone, but enough ones to add up to a few too many opinions pending. They’re not going to really celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Oh they’ll have the food, football and Friday (of the black variety) and simply omit the holiday’s namesake.

Why? You may ask, as I certainly did. Well, with everything that’s going wrong and on in the world today what is there to be thankful for?

All this dismally relayed, whilst overlooking the vast woodland that backs the Farm o’ Saw, to John Q. (my yellow, stuffed bear sidekick). He looks shocked and almost… hurt (?)…at the last of it. He closes his hand-stitched eyes as the cool fall wind plays across his simple cloth face. Then he speaks. And the quality of the message overrides his childishly articulate delivery. “You feel that wind blowing… it’s circuwating the air. Air which is the oxygens you need to do the breathing. If you don’t do the breathing then you will do the dying. An though peoples do the dying all the time it doesn’t really any no matter till it’s you. Cuz after that your mattering doesn’t much work any no more.”

John Q.

John Q.

“Wow wookie a squirrel weaping fru the bwight colorfilled foliage wif weaves swirling wound on the bweaths of the twees. Nature in all its spwenderfulness. Sprwead out for you to see with the eyeballs in your head. And if you can any-no see them well then (he breaks the 4th wall) at weast there’s somebody that cares enough to read this to you and tell you the all abouts it.”

“Peoples too much forget they have other peoples and how important those peoples can be. It’s the peoples you see on the everyday that are always in there… not on the internet. They are the all around you and wifout… you’d be the loneliest people of all.”

“Imagination going to the jobs wifout no peoples! Peoples to be glad you were there to do that working. And if you didn’t have them jobs… well there is lots of them to do. Unemployed can be the fun but you need the moneys and if you got no monies… well somebodies feeding your belly or you’d be the starved long times ago.”

“Foods in the bellies, roofs on the heads. People forget too much that they got the stuff. Portant stuff that makes them keep on doing. And do the worrying too much of all the time bout stuff they don’t.”

“Peoples wifout lotsa stuff are sometimes the more glad to be wifout the problematics stuffed people have to do. But some other peoples don’t gots any no stuff at all. Wuckily there are still those who do the sharing and help the hands. Everyone should share be a helper… not just in the Kindergarten… when they still know the real everything.”

“Wittle peoples have the knowing that the bigger peoples some all of the time forget. The bigs oughta learn a wittle from the wittles… or maybe an awful big lots. Well at weast the wittles are around to set an example for the bigs. If they weren’t… then no more bigs later I suppose… apocalypse then.”

“Ya know somethin’ Mister Chainsaw-man, peoples wake-up every one of the days they got and complain. They never ever any no time consider the fact that they woke in the first of places.”

With this he falls silent and returns his contemplating stare to “the nature”.

Sure the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket. Things have changed and life will never again be what it once was. But having nothing to be thankful for? Seems hardly the case when you consider, that despite all we’ve lost, what we still have, and what can be gained. Besides you’re still here… no, correction ­— we’re still here and that’s got to count for something. Have a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving.

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