“Holy tin roof, Batman! Did you see that?!”

“Looks like there’s a new roof in the neighborhood, Robin.”

Wowzer! Batman is right. A new metal roof on the garage and not a thunderstorm too soon. Um…or too late…depending on if your glass is half full or half empty, right? Never mind. As I was saying, my garage’s metal roof was way past in dire need of being replaced. In fact, when I moved in the inspector said, “If you coat it, you might get another ten years out of it.” Well…that was thirteen years ago.

Honestly, I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Of course, over the years you’d catch me climbing a ladder and nailing loose tin back in place before a coming storm. Or, I’d brace a ladder inside against the rafters and spray rubber sealant over any holes. This method of inexpensive preservation works best with the garage lights off while the sun is shining. Then look up to locate sun beams streaming through. Dickens, in my garage, it was like gazing at the stars.

Shoot, you wouldn’t believe how much water can drip through tiny holes. I remember after one particularly nasty storm, which blew in from the south, I vacuumed nearly 30 gallons of water off the cement floor. I was shocked at the amount of water which had found its way on to the floor. And that’s why everything in the garage is resting on pallets.

Finally, after the amazing kitchen remodel project I decided to mosey outside and start…or finish, (we’re back to the glass thing again) this year’s ‘to do’ list. Luckily, it’s been three years and the list is incredibly short. Only three projects left: reroof garage, paint house, pour back patio.

Whew! Sounds like a lot, but I’ve already knocked the garage off when I called the roofers and penciled them in. Okay, so they penciled me in. Anyway, right on time that Thursday they assembled, pondered, thought about it, then decided it was too windy. Fine by me, I didn’t want a piece of metal turning itself into a magic carpet and flying off the roof to hurt…well…anyone.

Two days later, the weather calmly decided to play fair and the crew of metal roofers once again descended on the garage like ants on a sugar cube. Quite efficiently the old roof was ripped off within hours. So, I peeked inside…wow, sky lights! Looked like a huge greenhouse…oh my, heaven. Then I walked back outside and ‘poof’, my feet were firmly back on the ground.

Speaking of being grounded, those men walked across the rafters like they were 20 years old, not 20 feet in the air. Jeepers, how easy they made it look. Although, every time I glanced at the garage I was glad it wasn’t me up there.

Speaking of women and altitude, I watched the most incredible video on Facebook about women roofers from Forest City, NC. Apparently, after taking a class these women banded together and simply out of the goodness of their hearts, and a desire to help others, they reroof homes for elderly or disabled people who cannot afford to maintain the roof’s integrity. Spellbound by the video of women-only taking on the task of completely repairing and reroofing homes, I was inspired.

To do what, I’m not sure. I was thinking about repotting a few plants. Seriously though, for those women who selflessly go out in to their community and help others was a “Wowzer!” moment. Anytime we reach out and do something for someone else without expecting anything in return is an extraordinary way to chart a course through life. Even one of the founders of the group put it best when she said, (and I’m paraphrasing) “I believe we are here to help each other.”

Can you imagine…having a ladder tall enough to reach the roof?

Smile, from the bottom of your heart!

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