As the magical spell of Christmas is cast upon us, frosty nights and chilly days are quickly forgotten as a warm and cozy blanket of holiday tenderness encompasses the hearts of young and old. Smiles are brighter as strangers greet each other with tidings of good cheer. Spirits are lifted as old friends call and family from afar come to visit. Even youngsters embrace the essence of this season by offering to adjust their behavior to assure a spot on Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

For as long as I can remember it’s been my Christmas wish that kindness, love and joy become the fabric of everyone’s every day…24/7/365…although, I completely understand becoming entangled in the rhetoric of our lives. I, too, have had periods of too much drama, too much tension, and sadly too many tears; however, through it all I held on to the belief that all will be well…life will right itself with love, kindness and joy. Passing this conviction on to my daughter, then proudly witnessing her teach it to her two children as love, kindness and joy thrive with every beat of their tiny hearts.

fkids-with-santaCase in point, one Saturday when we took Sunshine and Stormy to Breakfast with Santa my heart smiled to hear Sunshine tell Santa she wanted to be ‘good and kind to everyone.’ Yes, it was on her Christmas list; along with a new kitten, of course. And she didn’t mean just long enough to grace the nice list either, she meant all the time. Our little echo, Stormy, upon hearing his big sister’s request immediately proclaimed, “I want to be kind to everyone too!” My heart burst with joy at this outpouring of lovingkindness. Shortly after Sunshine was named “Kindness Kid of the Month” at her school for her continuous outpouring of exceptional acts of kindness toward others; a big honor for a six year old.

Reminding me how much I truly enjoy the Christmas season especially since everyone seems to have an extra spark of…well, more. More courteous, more thoughtful, more joyous, more smiling, more laughter, more kindness, more gratitude, more loving, more generous… Simply put…more of MORE! It’s amazing to be part of a collective conscious that generates more of the qualities that matter most. Wouldn’t it truly be a wonderful life if we purposely chose more 24/7/365?! It sure would, therefore, let’s all choose more of MORE!

Sadly all life ends. Yet, how incredible would it be to look back and say…I was MORE! I loved more. I laughed more. I prayed more. I had more patience. I helped others more. I listened more. I relaxed more. I hugged more. I gave more of my time to others. I made more friends. I enjoyed each day more. I was positive more. I was happy more. I was compassionate more. I did more good deeds. I spoke more kind words. I tried new things more. I appreciated the little things more. I complimented others more. I said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ more. I was grateful more. I was joyful more. I followed my dreams more. I embraced my passions more. I lived my best life MORE!

Just as Sunshine, an already happy, kind and loving child, asked for more. So should we strive to be, do and have more of more. On a slight side note, several times in the past few months I’ve been described as “puppies and unicorns” and “sunshine and rainbows” as phrased by Mr. & Mrs. Chainsaw recently. I am honored and humbled by these compliments, yet, blessed with gratitude that my efforts to be ‘more’ have been realized. My youth being nothing short of a raging hurricane, as an adult I have made it my life’s mission to live out the remainder of my days (whatever the number) from the calm, peaceful place in my heart where my happiness is impacted ten-fold by doing, being and having MORE!

My readers, my friends, I love you all. I wish only the best for you. I desire only happiness for you. Therefore in your final days, as you reflect on your life…smile and know you did more of MORE!

Can you imagine…the lovingkindness of Christmas all year long?

Smile, then smile MORE!
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