Streaming Pick of the Week:

 The Invisible Man (2020) (***) Director-writer Leigh Whannell’s reimagining of the Universal horror classic is now available to stream. It doesn’t quite hold up until the end but this tale of a woman (Elisabeth Moss) being stalked by her deranged husband, a scientist who faked his death and created an invisible suit in order to continue his abusive ways, contains some great gotcha moments and excellent performances.

Elisabeth Moss

 New Disc Releases:


 The Ten Commandments (1923 and 1956) has been reissued in a new book packaging that includes both the original silent version of the film and the more well known remake. There are many extras carried over from previous releases.


 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) The concluding chapter in the 9 episode movie saga makes its way to home video with bonus features that include a full length documentary and featurettes.

 Frozen 2 (2019) continues the adventures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they deal with both mysteries from Elsa’s past and a potential threat to their homeland. Extras include a sing along version of the movies, outtakes, deleted scenes and music videos.


 The Affair: The Complete Series (2014-19) All 5 seasons of the acclaimed Showtime series about the love affair between a married father and a young waitress have been released in a 19 disc box set. Set includes over 80 minutes of special features.

 Warner Archive: Available at

 The Stalking Moon (1968) features Gregory Peck as an Army Scout protecting an Apache captive, Eva Marie Saint, and her son from his vengeful father. No Extras.

 Beau Brummel (1954) Stewart Granger is the title character, a swordsman who manages to climb the social ranks through a series of fortuitous encounters. No Extras.

 Dodsworth (1936) Walter Huston stars as the title character, a millionaire whose unfaithful wife leads him to discovering feelings he never knew he had once he meets a widow during a trip to Europe. Nominated for seven Academy Awards.

 Scream/Shout Factory:

 April Fool’s Day (1986) A privileged college kid invites her classmates to her parent’s secluded home for the weekend during which the guests begin disappearing in the most gruesome fashion. New extras include talent interviews, trailer and TV Spots.

 Masked and Anonymous (2003) Larry Charles (Seinfelf, Borat) directs this comedy in which an imprisoned rock star, Bob Dylan, is furloughed for a weekend in order to participate in a benefit concert. Extras include director interview and commentary, deleted scenes, making of doc and trailer.

 Bones (2001) Snoop Dogg stars as a vengeful spirit seeking retribution on those who murdered him many years prior. Extras include vintage commentary and new interviews, deleted scenes, and the film’s trailer.

 Munster Go Home (1966) The TV series, The Munsters, was cancelled in 1966. That same year the cast got together for a theatrical film, filmed in color, that has the family trekking to England in order to claim an inheritance. A must for fans and even non-fans will find it enjoyable. The disc includes the 1981 TV reunion film, The Munsters Revenge, as an extra along with a commentary track.

The Wizard (1989) Fred Savage and Luke Edwards star as two brothers with a talent for video gaming. This two disc edition includes featurettes, deleted scenes, commentary and photo gallery.

The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 4 (1937-46) includes the following titles: Night Key(1937), Night Monster (1942), The Climax (1944) and House of Horrors (1946). Extras include commentaries.

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