Hickory – CVCC’s Redhawk Publications is excited to announce the launch of a three-book series entitled, ‘Beach Day’, ‘Park Day’, and ‘Play Day’ by Nina Meier. MeierRedhawk Publications Releases stated, “Since there are many family members who love giving gifts to children, finding something unusual to give my two granddaughters was quite a challenge. Instead of simply buying them books, I decided to create memories for them through stories I wrote myself. Hopefully, other young children can now enjoy having these stories read to them, or perhaps early readers would find them fun to read themselves.”

Meier, a Medical Transcriptionist, has been writing from a young age. She comments, “As a child, I often wrote short stories and even had one published in a children’s magazine. In school, I enjoyed English Literature class, adding British or Irish accents for the main characters.” Meier has published one other book called Bailey’s Cave Adventures.

Redhawk Publications Senior Editor Robert Canipe remarked, “Beach Day, Park Day, and Play Day by Nina Meier are full of vivid imagery. The books in the series will expand each readers imagination and cause the reader to feel like they are personally experiencing the events in each book. I appreciate that Meier worked alongside her husband, who illustrated Beach Day, Park Day, and Play Day because it made everything in the book seem more realistic and tangible. Meier’s books are great for young children who are just beginning to read.”

To purchase Beach Day, Park Day, and/or Play Day, visit Adventure Bound Books in downtown Morganton, or buy online at: https://tinyurl.com/NinaMeierBooks. For more information on Redhawk Publications, contact Patty Thompson at [email protected].
Nina Meier