Hiddenite, NC – In addition to The Hiddenite Celebration Street Festival this year, The Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center will host a Celebration Family Night! Join The Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center for Dinner and a family friendly show on Thursday, September 8th at 6:30pm at The Center’s Educational Complex (70 Hiddenite Church Rd, Hiddenite)The Hiddenite Arts Hosts Time Machine

Step back in time and enjoy “The Time Machine” presented by: Atlantic Coast Theatre. H.G. Wells’ 1895 Science Fiction novel travels to the stage in this “Steampunk” rock musical. A Victorian Era Time Traveler ventures far into the future encountering the ethereal Eloi and the dangerous subterranean Morlocks. He must return to his own time with a lesson in embracing diversity essential to saving the human species. Dinner will be a delicious spaghetti dinner w/ tossed salad, garlic bread & dessert. For a scrumptious, filling dinner and a wonderful show the cost is only $10 for adults and $5 for children! The Center is offering this budget-friendly Family Night at a low cost to help keep the community connected and provide families with something to enjoy together. Get out, have fun, and try something new!

Plan a great family night with dinner and a show with The Hiddenite Center! Reserve your seats today by calling (828) 632-6966 or online at hiddenitearts.org. “This performance is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and North Carolina Arts Council” according to Hiddenite Center Director, Donna Latham.

The Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center’s Lucas Mansion and Educational Complex are wheelchair accessible.
Time Machine