Film Reviews by Adam LongNow in theaters:

Joe Bell (2021) (** ½) Mark Wahlberg stars in this fact based tale of a man who organized a multi state walk to raise awareness for the plight of homosexuals after his gay son’s life is torn asunder by bullying. The film works best during its homestretch but never can quite overcome the feeling of deja vu that hangs over the proceedings.


Mark Wahlberg and Reid Miller in Joe Bell

New to Disc:


Alias Jesse James (1959) Bob Hope is an insurance agent in the old west who’s assigned to protect his investment, the film’s title character in this comedy. No extras.


A Quiet Place Part II (2021) John Kransinki returns as director and star in the much anticipated follow up to the surprise horror hit of two years ago. Extras include director diaries and behind the scenes featurettes.

A Quiet Place 2 Movie Collection (2018/2021) This Blu Ray set includes both the original film and the more recent sequel along with all of the new and previously issued extras for both films.

Mommie Dearest (1981) The cult classic film adaptation of actress Joan Crawford’s daughter Christine’s best selling memoir has been issued as part of the Paramount Presents line in a handsome new edition that includes a new transfer, previously issued extras, a new commentary and featurette on the film’s director.

Corinth Films:

The New Deal For Artists (1979) This long unavailable PBS documentary on Franklin Roosevelt’s government program for the arts has been issued on DVD with a new transfer.


The Daimajin Trilogy (1966) This trio of Japanese films tells the story of Majin, a giant statue of a God that comes to life to punish evildoers. Films included are Daimajin / Return of Daimajin / Daimajin Strikes Again | Daimajin / Daimajin ikaru / Daimajin gyakushu. Extras include commentaries, featurettes and TV Spots.

Two of Italian horror maestro Dario Argento’s earliest films have been given the 4K upgrade by Arrow in new editions sure to please the fans. These are The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1969) and Cat O’ Nine Tails (1971) and all of the previous extras have been retained. The films have never looked better.

Severin Films:

Siege (1983) This Canadian crime drama spins the yarn of the sole survivor of a gay bar massacre and the violent aftermath as he seeks refuge in a nearby apartment. Includes two cuts of the film and a new commentary.

Film Movement:

Tailgate (2021) A husband, wife and two children, en route to visit family , play a deadly cat and mouse game with a van they chance to antagonize in this Dutch thriller. No Extras.

Shout Factory:

Transformers: The Movie (1986) The animated, first big screen outing for the title characters has been issued in a steelbook 4K set for the first time to coincide with its 35th anniversary release. Extras include new look at the storyboards, documentary, commentary, featurettes, trailers/TV spots.

The Dead Zone (1983) Christopher Walken is a formerly comatose man with the power to see into the future in this extremely well made adaptation of the Stephen King best seller, certainly one of the best of the multitude of film versions of the author’s books. Extras in this terrific new set include a new 2020 film scan, new interviews/commentary, archival features and trailer.

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