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Spinning Gold (**) On paper the idea of a biopic covering the life of Casablanca Records founder, Neil Bogart, looked like a can’t miss opportunity. He discovered Kiss and Donna Summer, to name just two artists whose careers he shepherded. Needless to say, the life and times of Bogart, who died at age thirty-nine, 41 years ago, while still riding high, is certainly a compelling subject. Unfortunately, he deserves a better film than this one.

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Robert DeNiro in Midnight Run

The film is directed by the music impresario’s son, Timothy, but it just never takes off, coming across instead as a dramatized version of Bogart’s Wikipedia page. To make things worse, the actors playing such well-known music figures as Donna Summer, Gladys Knight and Bill Withers, look nothing like their real-life counterparts. Jeremy Jordan is adequate as Bogart but the film just lumbers on before collapsing in upon itself from the sheer weight of its lifeless narrative. There’s a great film to be made about this endlessly fascinating subject. Unfortunately, this isn’t that film.

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Warner Brothers: 

Cool Hand Luke (1967), The Maltese Falcon (1943) and Rebel Without a Cause (1955) are three of the classic titles from the studio that are getting a new 4K release this week. The transfers on all three titles are spectacular, as is usually the case with releases from the label. No new extras but previous bonus features have been retained.

Also two more volumes of the label’s WB 100th Anniversary 25 film Blu Ray collection have also been issued.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection (1994-2002) is a new box set from the label that brings all of the cinematic adventures of the Next Generation crew together with all new 4K upgrades on each title. Previously issued extras have been retained. 

Confess, Fletch (2022) Jon Hamm takes over the role of wisecracking detective, I.M. Fletcher, memorably portrayed in two 1980s films by Chevy Chase, in this new comedy mystery reboot. Here Fletch finds himself doing double duty simultaneously attempting to prove his innocence and recover a stolen art collection.

South Park: The Complete 25th Season (2022) The latest season of the long running animated series has been issued by the label with a few new featurettes.


The Big Easy (1986) Dennis Quaid is a New Orleans lieutenant attempting to solve a series of killings while becoming romantically entangled with the local DA (Ellen Barkin) in Jim McBride’s mystery thriller. Extras include a new commentary. 

Shout Factory: 

Midnight Run (1988) The acclaimed road trip action film from Martin Brest and starring Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin makes the leap to 4K disc this week from the label. Previous extras have been retained. 

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