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Evil Dead Rise-The fifth installment in the forty-one-year-old franchise finds the Evil Deadites rearing their head as two feuding sisters attempt a reunion of sorts. Lee Cronin directs the gory proceedings.

New to Streaming: 

Judy Blume Forever (2023) (***) Directors Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok’s loving portrait of the life and times of the YA author and inspiration for generations who grew up reading her work is a terrific summation of Blume’s contributions to popular American culture. It’s also a reflection of the multitude of changes that have come about in the time that Blume has been publishing books and how her work has personally affected so many. A worthy tribute to its subject.

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Judy Blume

New to Disc:


Triangle of Sadness (2022) The recent Best Picture nominee, director Ruben Ostlund’s stinging satire of our current society set on board a ship, gets a 4K and Blu Ray release this week. Bonus materials include deleted scenes, new interviews and a trailer. 


Backtrack (1990) Dennis Hopper is a hit man who finds himself falling in love with the witness (Jodie Foster) he’s sent to kill in this interesting crime thriller which sports an amazing cast that includes Dean Stockwell, Vincent Price (as a mob boss), Bob Dylan, Joe Pesci and Tony Sirico. 

The Big Bus (1976) Joseph Bologna leads an all-star cast in the very first disaster film parody, revolving around a nuclear-powered bus and its various passengers. Bonus materials include a new commentary and trailer.

Also being issued by the label this week are The Way West (1967) and the Burt Reynolds action entry, Heat (1986), both of which contain new commentaries. 


Lover’s Lane (1999)  A group of teens attempt to escape the clutches of a hook wielding maniac in this variation on the urban legend of “The Hook.” Extras include featurettes, commentary and multiple versions of the film. 

Warner Archive:

The label has a large selection of new offerings this week, all of them sporting beautiful new transfers from Warner Brothers Motion Picture Imaging. These include Storm Warning (1951), A Lion is in the Streets (1953), Safe in Hell (1931), The Strawberry Blonde (1942) and One Way Passage (1932). The majority of the releases also include various archival bonus materials. 

Film Movement:

New and recent DVD releases from the label include a new documentary about missionaries from the Mormon Church entitled, The Mission and the WW II set film, Chess Story, about a lawyer captured by the Nazis who takes refuge in Chess. The latter includes a bonus short film.

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