Valdese, NC – Valdese Family Friday Nights Summer Concert series will feature Carson Hill this Friday, August 3, beginning at 7pm, located in the Town Parking area.

Valdese Family Friday Nights is excited to welcome Carson Hill to the stage this Friday night. Hill, has performed at the Waldensian Festival for the past two years and always leaves the crowd wanting more. She brings a unique variety to the stage with a mix of country, rock, and folk elements.

Carson Hill, from Franklin, Tennessee, is creating a name for herself across the southeast as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She began writing and performing her original songs at an early age, winning over the hearts of many in her home state of North Carolina. She moved to the Nashville area at the age of eighteen to pursue her songwriting career.

Carson Hill remembers the first time she ever put pen to paper to compose a song.

“When I was eleven, I wrote this really cheesy song for my sister after she had a break up. I remember her being really upset. She was starting to cry a little, so I got my guitar out, and went to another room. I wrote this really goofy song that was terrible. I came back into the room and sang the song for her. I was getting her to laugh and sing along. That was the first song I wrote.”

“As I got older, I realized I don’t have to just write about the things I am going through. I can write about other people’s experiences, even though I might not have been through it myself. One of the things I am most proud of is that I don’t write a lot of sad songs. I’ll write songs to make people feel better. I think as I did that, my songwriting started to get more mature. I was writing about many things, and not just relationships and love.”

People have started taking notice of Carson’s single “Under the Skin.” The official music video was featured on The video featured Carson’s own friends and family and caught the attention of many with her meaningful lyrics and positive message to girls. She hopes to help girls who are struggling with issues of self-image; something she has experienced as well.

Concessions will be available and provided by the Valdese Merchant’s Association. Myra’s cruise in will begin every Friday night at 6pm and downtown shops will remain open later.

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Carson Hill plays Friday, Aug 3