The search for a new head coach in Carolina has been ongoing for some time now. There are a number of candidates that the franchise has told us about. One has to wonder how serious some of the candidates are since it is well known that owner David Tepper is not known for his patience.

Here are some candidates that I feel would work, if the coach in question is interested.

My top choice would be Ben Johnson. He is the architect of the Detroit Lions offense. Johnson is a hot commodity and may not be interested in yet another project. He played a massive role in turning Jared Goff into a top-ten quarterback. One thing that may help the Panthers out is that Johnson is a Carolina guy born and raised.

Who Wants The Job?

A long shot is EjiroI Evero, the current defensive coordinator. Yes, the Panthers went 2-15. But defense was not the team’s issue this past season. Carolina finished fourth in total defense, giving up 293.9 yards per game. He is known for his creativity and would be a popular choice for the defense. Evero could find an experienced offensive coordinator to run the offense.

Mike Macdonald, the Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator, is someone I would look at. He could change the team’s culture. The Ravens are a winning franchise and his defense finished at or near the top of the league in several categories.

How about Mike Vrabel? Yes, Mike Vrabel. He’s a proven winner that had a down year in Tennessee. Carolina needs someone who can create an identity and Vrabel would be able to do exactly that. His former offensive coordinator in Tennessee, Arthur Smith, is also available to run the offense. But again, would either want to resume their careers in Carolina?

Another longshot could be Bobby Slowick. He is the offensive coordinator at Houston. The Panthers are looking for a quick rebuild, just like what Houston did this year. Houston finished 31st in total offense a year ago . With a rookie quarterback, (C.J. Stroud)  Slowik moved the unit all the way up to 12th. He comes from the Shanahan coaching tree and was a part of the famous  2011 Washington coaching staff that featured Kyle Shanahan, Matt LaFleur, Sean McVay, and Mike McDaniel.