Conover, NC – Tonia Starr of Williams-Sonoma asks, “Can you imagine being so young and having to face the dawn of the day not knowing the outcome of that day? Can you imagine being a parent of a child “Your Child” not being able to take care of them as their protector?”

Starr continues, “I want to share with you some words from the Webster Dictionary: (feelings, affection, love, empathy, sensitivity) these are all words to describe kindness this is a word the St. Jude’s foundation has built their reputation on, we as humans need to use the example of human kindness that has been set before us in the most loving manner and show that in ourselves.

Danny Thomas, the founder of St Jude’s, poured his heart in to helping children and families by the simple gesture of human kindness, he is an example of love and compassion.

Your child has cancer. No words strike more fear into a parent’s heart. In the early 1960s, those words meant almost certain death. The overall survival rate for childhood cancer was less than 20%, and for the most common form of childhood cancer, acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, it was 4%. Because of St. Jude’s the rates have vastly improved now and with your help the survivor rate has lifted to 94% for Lymphoblastic Leukemia. More than 80% of them now are long-term survivors, at a rate of 175,000 under the age of 14 diagnosed each year.

We are asking if you will join with us in being part of an example of human kindness, help us change the lives of the many children who think they may not see the dawn, and the parents who need help in being the support their child needs.

Danny Thomas created a place in 1962 that no child, no matter the age, race, or type of cancer, would ever be turned away, that the door would be open to their needs, hearts would remain open for care and kindness, free of charge.

He made a place that was so full of compassion that the families (mother and father, brothers, sisters) are welcome and they can focus on the true issue, healing their child without worry, without stress of being able to supply and afford the very best care for their child.

With your help, your kindness, the treatment remains free to every family. So please join us in paying it forward in life, help us give the gift of life!

We here at Williams-Sonoma have made St. Jude’s our passion, we want to reach out to as many people as possible and ask them (ask you) to share with us in raising money to help fund such a great and remarkable cause. Let’s join together and help fight childhood cancer, let’s fight for someone’s life! It is our hope to be able to donate St. Jude’s $50,000, and we need your help to make that happen.

With that being said, Williams-Sonoma will be sponsoring a Golf Tournament on October 10 at Rock Barn Country Club & Spa to help raise a donation to aid in the fight against childhood cancer. Please come out and join us, play a little golf, have some fun, and raise funds for a wonderful cause.

All proceeds will go to St. Jude’s foundation, and we will also host a silent auction with amazing items to bid on.

You will have the opportunity to play on two beautiful courses, the Jackson or Jones course.”

Registration is $125 per individual and $550 for a foursome. Contact Gary Grogan at [email protected], or call 828.459.5602. Credit card payment preferred, receipts upon request.

“What would the world sound like without the laughter of a child!”