Once upon a time in a city far, far, away lived “My Lady of Cats” of Charlotte, so dubbed hence her fabulous flare for feline décor proliferated her humble abode with cats of every size, shape and spectacular style.  Be it pleasantly stuffed, glossy and glazed or weighty cast iron her colossal collection of cleverly posed tabby trinkets was the talk of the town.

Ye story is told, all was well in the kingdom until a tiny birdy tweeted in the Cat Lady’s ear that a great wind was blowing and would carry her and her frisky band of frolicking felines North…Catawba Valley. Uncertain of her future and unsettled at the thought of change she consulted her son and trusted advisor who said: Go North fair Lady, change is good!
Thus conferring with her fair maiden daughter plans were laid to gather all her worldly possessions and transport them to feline friendly Catawba County. After all, the very word Catawba begins with Cat. Therefore, after much planning, preparation and packing the marvelously magical moving day was fast approaching.

But first…a cry was heard throughout the kingdom of an immense need for a prodigious man to ferry the grand iron coach carrying vast amounts of utmost prized possessions. Stepping forth to tackle such a noble yet monumental task was none other than Lord Jerry, of Saw Mills.

At last! Fateful day at hand, the fair maiden and her fetching cohort, along with two husky hired hands, loaded the massive iron carriage to the brim with silk flora, golden trinkets and numerous feline perches with which to entice the tamed tabbies to recline in repose. Locked and loaded the caravan carrying My Lady of Cats; her faithful friend Lady Anne of Brandywine; her delighted daughter, Lady G, and the sturdy lorry made its way ever northward…and slightly to the west.

Worried there weren’t hands enough to unpack when the delegation arrived. Lady G had foreseen such a shortcoming and pleaded for the aid of her bestie fair maiden, Lady Gina of Emerald City, who offered her services most graciously. Then, utterly by surprise, Lady Pam of Shuford, also promised a timely arrival to assist the off-loading of precious cargo. Lady G’s darling daughter with her two precocious wee ones in tow also traveled north to attend the grandiose festivities.

All arriving at the final destination after the noon hour had well passed, food was served to boost spirits while making merry before the ultimate discharging of belongings. Lord Lucky of the Western Hills was charged with supervising the wee ones as all fair maidens assisted the dashing driver. Having precisely placed the coach so the rugged ramp perched safely on the veranda of Lady G’s domicile she was well pleased with his foresight. “Brilliant!” she exclaimed.

The enchantment continued as Lady G ferried a fine piece of ligneous furniture down the rugged ramp causing a vibration which…quite frankly…tickled her fancy. “Oh my!” she murmured blushing ever so slightly. As the load lightened in the iron coach an enticing object was readied for launch nigh the slope summit. Seizing the opportunity Lady Gina flung herself wholeheartedly upon the ornate ottoman and rode it daringly down the decadent decline. Cheers erupted from the spirited fair maidens. Sadly…swiftly…the stimulating settee was delivered to the dampened dismay of Lady G whose so art thou turn was overturned.

Ah…but there is a lesson to this tale. Bravely and resourcefully two men and a six pack of lovely ladies accomplished an enormous feat on that glorious day to the amusement of My Lady of Cats! Thus, two parts testosterone and six parts estrogen can move kingdoms.

Smile, rejoice, and be enchanted!