Imagine processing 10,000 bits of data almost instantly. Sure, if we were hard wired with a computer chip. Yet our subconscious mind thrives at this velocity. Consciously however, we could probably name roughly 100 items we are aware of at any given moment. Meanwhile our intellect is cognizant of 1,000 objects instantaneously, give or take. Since we only function (consciously) on 5- 10% of our brain that means 90-95% (our subconscious) is processing tens of thousands of information bits every millisecond behind the scenes. Dickens, if our brains were on a data plan we’d have to extend our GB’s monthly or risk getting charged for overage.

Seriously though, where does our brain keep it all? Well, imagine your mind as a huge storage room. Think mega enormous, folks. So vast it echoes. And in this immense void are limitless closets. Yes, to simplify things and because I’m not a brain surgeon we are going to visualize closets. Closets for favorite memories; favorite songs; favorite scents; favorite flavors; favorite movies; funny jokes; most embarrassing moments; closets for anything and everything in our lives. Metaphorically these closets function as our consciousness. Our 5-10% if you will. We have GO TO closets when ordering from a menu; shopping for groceries; or playing a musical instrument. Simply open a closet door and choose.

In laymen’s terms our GO TO closets are who we are. What we think. How we act and function as we do. And the amazing thing is no two individual’s closets are the same. Ever. Anytime.  Anywhere. Yep, your closets are unique to you, filled with items daily by your subconscious mind without you even realizing it. Awesome!fchange-your-life

Now that we are completely overwhelmed at the possibilities let’s stand at the entrance of this vast expanse of closets. What do you see? First, makes perfect sense that you’d organize your closets so that the ones you use often are within reach and readily available. That being said, unless you’re a zombie in a low budget SyFy movie you have emotions. Thus I gather the closet door closest to you is your GO TO emotions; your first responders, so to speak. How convenient. Unless…

…your GO TO emotion closet has a huge N scribbled on the door. As diverse as sugar and salt, there are two considerably distinct emotional closets. P and N. N, mentioned previously is easily identified. The door, slammed repeatedly, hangs awkwardly on its hinges practically allowing negative emotions to spill out. Tattered, smudged with grime, dented and flimsy this door has seen more than its share of use. Only you know how often you’ve opened this closet, reached inside and grabbed anger, hatred, revenge or spite. Someone cuts you off in traffic, do you GO TO anger? The boss gives you an unreasonable deadline, do you GO TO frustration? Plans get cancelled, do you GO TO spite? Of course, we’ve all been to our N closet at some point in our lives. Not a problem unless it becomes our GO TO.

However, there is a brighter side. Glance across the room. Farther… See that teeny door way over there? That’s where you keep your P closet. No, not pee closet! P as in Positive emotions closet chuck full of happy, joyful, delighted reactions.  Yet, somehow the thought of walking all that way to choose a positive emotion…just…well…somehow you’ve fallen into knee-jerk Negative emotions. Blame it on stress, work, kids, marriage, relationships, money, others, etc. Even you can’t deny you’ve consciously made it practically effortless to GO TO anger. Sarcasm. Hatred. Revenge. (Whoa, deep breath, exhale.)
Okay, walk with me while counting to ten. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Wa-la! We’re here! It’s you’re Positive emotion closet. Wowzer, check out the door! It’s strong and seriously polished. Obviously it would stand up to a lifetime of usefulness. Observe the wonderfully crafted letter P decorated in beautiful colors and pleasing shapes. Agreed, at first it appeared to be a hike from where we were standing, just inches from your N closet. Just remember friends, experts suggest counting to 10 when you start knee jerking negative reactions, which remarkably will be the exact time it takes to arrive at your Positive emotions closet. Yet the life transforming news is the more often you arrive and choose a calmer emotion…for example disappointment instead of anger…the closer your closet migrates. Soon your GO TO Positive emotions closet will be your first responder and amazing things will start happening to your stress levels, job, relationships or marriage. Just as negative emotions affect all areas of your life negatively, positive emotions concurrently have a positive effect.

Now slam (figuratively) the N closet door one last time and choose to make your P(ositive) closet your lifetime GO TO.

Can you imagine…being chuck full of positive emotions?

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