chainsaw_headerEaster Movie?!? Along the same line of questioning whether or not Die Hard (Bruce Willis, 1988) and Gremlins (Gizmo, 1984) are Xmas movies, there is no debate that Critters 2: The Main Course, is an Easter movie. This 1988 sci-fi comedy/horror sequel features small, carnivorous, furry, alien fugitives who wreak havoc on a small countryside town, feasting on its inhabitants, after their alien pods are mistaken for Easter eggs. With one graphic nude scene and a man in a bunny suit being devoured, it’s not exactly kid friendly. Still it’s far more entertaining than watching a rebellious Easter bunny in training that poops jelly beans. Moving on…

What exactly in holy Helsinki Sweden are we looking at here? On one side of the street, in front of a modest ranch style home, there is a dogwood tree in full bloom. White blossoms adorn its branches with natural grace and beauty. The residents have strung bright, colorful, pastel plastic eggs from its limbs with fishing line; nothing natural, graceful or beautiful there, but very colorful nonetheless.

At the bole of the tree (the area between the base of the trunk to the first branch) sits a bright blue, inflatable bunny rabbit, with an insane grin on its all-too human face (shudder). It has been trussed to the trunk, by the neck, with more fishing line. What message are they conveying? That they’ve captured the Easter Bunny? Is it like a hunting trophy? Are there deer and squirrels tied to trees out back? Maybe it’s just holiday decoration… or is it something more profound?

Due to the religious symbolism of the dogwood tree (in Christianity, dogwood is believed to be the wood of which Christ’s cross was made) are they proclaiming the Easter Bunny as the modern savior of the world? By crucifying its image in place of Christ? Or is this an attesting of Christian faith — by symbolically murdering a Pagan holiday icon? Did the rabbit decorate the tree and then commit suicide? Is this some freak fishing accident? Maybe it is just holiday decorations.

Meanwhile, across the street, at a similar, equally modest, ranch style home (less flowers, though) there profoundly stands one lone cross. It looks to be fashioned from rough hewn 2” x 8” pine planks (no dogwood here). And looks to have been stained by age or design; either/or, the effect is impressive. The crucifix’s apex is adorned with a to-scale crown of actual thorns… or is that barbed wire?

A long deep purple cloth is draped across the cross’s arms and billows in the breeze. There are 3 spikes driven into the cross’s arms and base. These have been sprayed bright red till the paint ran in rivulets dripping onto the ground below. Okay “historical” accuracy aside, that’s just a wee bit morbid.

Now we know what the cross symbolizes to the Christian community, Jesus’s sacrifice to wash the world clean of sin. And it’s fine to celebrate this but… using the cross seems wrong somehow. Regardless of the reason or symbolism, it’s how and where He slowly and painfully died. It’s like someone dying in an automobile accident and having the wrecked car at the funeral.

Does anyone do Christian Easter decorations that exhibit the more positive side of the Bible story? Like when He rose again? Seriously, does anybody set up an empty tomb, with the stone rolled away, with sandal prints leading away in the sand (those were the times He carried you)? Or maybe partially rolled away with Jesus peeping out? No, we’re not making fun here; it just seems we focus an awful lot on the horror of it all, as opposed to the positive promise and conclusion.

Displayed decoration quality and deeper profound meanings aside, at the moment, here we stand. Here in the middle of the street, one foot on each of the double yellows; with secular symbolism or salvation on either side. There are promises of redemption and everlasting life when you die versus guaranteed egg hunts and chocolate bunnies annually. Before you step off remember: “Wherever you go, there you are” (Pig Killer – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1985).

But who’s to say you have to choose… just now? Or why can’t you have both with reasonable compromise? Maybe, for now, just take the 3rd option… and keep walking down the road.

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