Dear Santa,

I could ask you for a new puppy or baby doll that talks. I could ask you for more games to play on my Xbox. Or, maybe bring my little brother a bright red fire truck with a ladder that climbs to the moon. I could ask you to bring me a Dream Horse Barbie, and a fluffy kitten…or two.

I could ask you for a new “Frozen” bookbag for school. And while I’m thinking about it, can you cancel gym class, too. I could ask if you could send mommy a new cookbook. Turkey isn’t so good when it’s burnt. Oh, and please stop my older brother from being such a jerk.

I could ask you to help daddy fix the car…for real. It breaks down so much he’s late for work all the time. I could ask you to let it snow on Christmas Eve this year. Or, to save me some sugar cookies, please.

I could ask you not to let Sara Thompson stay mad at me. I didn’t mean to knock her books off her desk that day. And if you can, will let Gramps and Gram visit again. Mom says they’re getting older and it’s hard for them.dear santa

But of all these things I could ask you for Santa, mom says, “Giving is receiving” and means so much more. I’m not exactly sure I understand what she’s talking about. Is it like when I whisper and don’t shout.

Would telling Sarah ‘I’m sorry’ be like giving her something she needs. Would it mean more? If so, then even though my older brother’s a pain in the rear. I’ll give him a hug, every day for a year!

If I give mom ‘help’ doing the chores. Would she feel like I was giving her more? I can offer to help my dad clean up the garage. Or maybe, just maybe, hand him a tool when he works on the car. I can clean up my room and put my toys away. So, when they come home for work, they’ll enjoy the rest of their day.

Santa, I’m trying to figure out this ‘giving’ thing. It seems to me, that giving doesn’t have to cost anything. I can even give my brothers more time to watch their favorite TV show. Or let them borrow my Xbox control.

Yes, I think I know just what to do. All those things I could have asked for Santa, give to other boys and girls. This year I’m going to ‘give’ instead of ‘receive.’ I’m going to help others and be kind to those in need. I just know I’ll find things to do. I’ll ask around, someone ‘needs’ in this town.

Who needs what I have to offer, I’ll remark. I’ll rake, I’ll clean, I’ll mow till dark. What I’m saying Santa is…mom is right about one thing. Giving feels ten times better than receiving.

So, this year Santa, I’m just saying ‘Hello.’ How are you…Mrs. Claus…the reindeer…and do you have snow? Just checking in, no gifts for me. I’m trying a new thing so leave nothing under our tree.

Oh, I might miss unwrapping a gift or two. However, smiles from ‘receiving’ are the only gifts I’m ‘giving.’ Goodbye, till next year Santa when I’ll check in again. On my way downstairs to help wash dishes and then… Wait…before I go, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.