spaklingAny thoughts as to designing clothes, shoes, jewelry, a home? While this question may cause some of you start doodling with your pencil, head down, eyes averted in an attempt to not be noticed. Others, myself included, would jump at the chance to design…well, anything! In fact, during one chapter of my life I had wanted to be an architect. On a much smaller, yet equally gratifying scale, I enjoy remodeling projects.

Also, it’s why I sit for hours watching DIY reality shows. New to the genre experience, I’ve already discovered my favorites. One is a lady who restores, refreshes and renews run down mansions. Another gentleman (in a cowboy hat) breathes the original beauty, look and functionality back into a house. And still so many more to choose from. Like the one I watched for the first time this morning about flipping houses in Nashville. Way beyond, wow!

Of course, the limited air time in relation to the weeks, months even, to complete a project leaves much of the actual work required edited out. Although, for the sake of viewer interest, as well as ratings, major issues are highlighted to keep us on the edge of our seats. Once completed, the house is staged. Meaning a talented designer adds furniture, art, throw pillows and other interesting décor assuring each room is ready for a magazine spread in House Beautiful.

This is the part when we all know what’s next. Yep, twenty-four minutes have passed and it’s the very moment we’ve all been waiting for (while impatiently chewing on our carpenter’s pencil), and sole reason for the show’s existence on this astral plane. Wait for it…wait for it. TA-DA…the Reveal!

Spectacular! Stunning! Superb! And while that’s all the ‘S’ words I can think of on the spur of the moment, I am always impressed and amazed to witness the surprisingly striking transformations which evolve from poorly designed floor plans, structural problems, or simply adding livable space by converting a basement or attic.

Sadly, some homes suffer neglect (directly or indirectly) or have been abandoned by an overly ambitious do-it-yourselfer who simply became an underachieving overachiever. But, if it’s lucky enough to be chosen for reality TV…WA-LA! Ty Pennington is given a run for his home improvement buck.

You gotta hand it to the imagination. It’s the driving force behind ho-hum and HOLY COW! If knocking out walls, moving hallways and installing tray ceilings are your idea of creative, you should see what happens on home improvement shows. And if you’re lucky enough to catch the right show with the right project, you’ll be left scratching your chin and wondering if that wall between the kitchen and dining room is load bearing.

Now, even though I love DIY projects of my own, and have somewhat of a creative flair, I draw the line at crazy colors and patterns. I may be an artist but I’ve never cared for mixing too many patterns. Probably why you’ll never catch me in stripes and pot-a-dots. Nope, it’ll never happen. I barely wear plaid…my most unfavorite color.

Speaking of colors, some are actually on my naughty list. Lime green, possibly for no other reason than it rhymes with lima beans. (Had a bad experience with lima beans once…I ate one!) Sigh. Then there’s pale yellow. Before I go any further, I made myself purchase and plant bright yellow flowers to hopefully overcome my aversion of this emoji clad distinction. I can honestly say, I’m good with bright yellow (on flowers only) for now.

As for grey. It’s a non-color in my book, and what you got in grade school art class when you mixed all your colors together…then the teacher scolded you for making a mess…then you weren’t allowed to do the assigned because you made a huge puddle of yuck…so you failed the assignment…left to only wonder what your rainbow would have looked like in gray on gray. The you grew up, became an artist and never used the color gray again.

I mean, sure, NOW gray is trendy. Gray cabinets on a gray backsplash with stainless steal appliances all in an effort to complement gray granite countertops. Excuse me while I puke! Yikes, did I type that out loud. Sorry folks, but to me, gray will always be the color you get when you mix all your tempera paints together. It’s yucky!

And here comes the icy stare from the art teacher…

Can you imagine…doing it yourself and it turns out stupendous!!

Smile, nothing about you is gray!!   

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Image: Bobbi G DIYing it with spackle