Beavis and Butt-Head: The Complete Collection (various ratings) (DVD only) is a comprehensive package (12 discs) featuring practically all of the animated TV adventures of the slacker duo. For the first time, the music video parodies have been included and the set also features the theatrical feature Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Allied (2016) (***) In the midst of WW II, a government agent (Brad Pitt) must determine whether or not his wife (Marion Cotillard) is a spy. Involving and suspenseful. Extras include multiple featurettes.

Arrival (2016) (**½) Aliens attempt to make contact with humans while a linguistics expert (Amy Adams) struggles to decode their message. Many arresting scenes abound but the film is defeated by gaps in its own logic.  Extras include five featurettes totaling 80 minutes in length.

Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man (2006) (***) The legendary singer/songwriter, who died last year, is profiled in this documentary chronicling a tribute concert given in his honor. Extras include commentary, Leonard Cohen interview and extra performance footage.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) (** 1/2) is director Ang Lee’s dramatization of the true tale of a soldier who was branded a hero during the second conflict in Iraq.  Well made but indistinguishable. Extras include four featurettes and deleted scenes.

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The Boyfriend (1971) (***) Director Ken Russell’s adaptation of the celebrated musical stars Twiggy as a stage assistant who suddenly is thrust into the spotlight after getting the lead in a celebrated play. Extras include a vintage featurette and the film’s trailer.

The Yakuza (1974) (***) stars Robert Mitchum as a fomer private eye who tangles with gangsters in Japan while searching for his missing brother. Extras include vintage featurette, director commentary and trailer.

Love in the Afternoon (1957) (***) Director Billy Wilder’s charming May-December romance, set in Paris, stars Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper, and was also Wilder’s first collaboration with long time co-writer I.A.L. Diamond. Extras include the film’s trailer.

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The Klansman (1974) (**) stars Lee Marvin, Richard Burton and OJ Simpson in a tale of racial bigotry run amok in a southern town. The film’s unconventional casting carries it a long way. No Extras.

The Last Best Year (1990) (**) Bernadette Peters stars as a terminally corporate climber who develops a friendship with her psychiatrist (Mary Tyler Moore), in this made for TV film. No Extras.


The Tree of Wooden Clogs (***) follows four Italian families in the late 1800s over the course of a year as they struggle to make a life farming.  This won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Fest in 1978. Extras include: a feature on the film’s locations, new 4K restoration and director interviews.

Dirty Dancing: 30th Anniversary Edition (1987) (** ½) What more can be said about this one? The romance of Johnny (Patrick Swayze) and Baby (Jennifer Grey) continues to enthrall its legions of fans who will love this set. Extras include include over six hours of features, including newly discovered interviews with Patrick Swayze, documentaries and deleted/extended scenes.

Manchester by the Sea (2016) (***) Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a man who must confront his past when his brother dies and he’s forced to become a caretaker for his nephew. Extras include making of doc, director interview and deleted scenes.

Moonlight (2016) (***) The 2016 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture is a moving tale of a boy from the ghetto and his struggles to make it in the world.  Extras include director commentary and three featurettes.

Edge of Seventeen (2016) (***) Hailey Steinfeld is terrific as a teen going through a coming of age crisis after her best friend begins dating her brother. Extras include gag reel and deleted scenes.

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Bad Santa 2 (2016) (**) The sequel to the celebrated cult classic has a few laughs but isn’t nearly inspired as its predecessor. Extras include two cuts of the film, four featurettes, alternate opening, gag reel and deleted scenes.

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Their February releases include:

Kiss of Death (1947) (***) is a terrific classic crime thriller starring Victor Mature as a former crook who finds himself stalked by a former associate (Richard Widmark in a chilling performance). Extras include two commentaries, theatrical trailer and isolated score track.

Edge of Eternity (1959) (**) The tale of a small town deputy (Cornel Wilde) attempting to solve a rash of murders is one of director Don Siegel’s (Dirty Harry) weaker efforts. The widescreen lensing is tops, though. Extras include audio commentary and isolated music track.

Interiors (1978) (****) is Woody Allen’s masterful followup to his celebrated film, Annie Hall. It’s a powerful tale of a family falling apart after its matriarch (E.G. Marshall) decides to leave for a new life after a life devoted to serving his family. Extras include original trailer.

Chilly Scenes of Winter (1979) (***) is a delightful comedy-drama about a man (John Heard) who just can’t let go of his past love (Mary Beth Hurt). Extras include audio commentary, isolated music track and original theatrical trailer.

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Featured Photo: Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man