Thanksgiving leftovers stored in tiny containers
Silently await the strike of
hunger pangs…or
More than likely will
be forgotten
During the clamor of holiday shopping

Diverting the commotion of frenzied crowds
Black Friday starts on
Thursday now
Sometimes, even the
week before,
For that big-ticket item you’re longing for

However, if obligations impede your chance
You know, Cyber Monday isn’t just happenstance
Extending discount deals while supplies last
Deplete your money, funds and green-stuff fast

Thus, if it’s inconvenient to
purchase off the shelf
Gift giving is made effortless by the internet itself
YouWantIt, WeGotIt,
ComeBuyIt, and more
A wily, world-wide
retailing smorgasbord

BOGO, markdowns and coupon codes abound
Which offer to choose, makes heads spin around
A flashing 50% OFF TODAY ONLY in bright red
Screams “Wow, I can get 2-for-1 instead!”

Buy for your family, buy for your friends
It’s so easy…just fill your cart and
hit ‘send’
Besides, they’ll simply love
their gifts
You’re absolutely, positively sure of it

A savvy shopper, you reflect with a sly grin
As a gift is opened to the delight of the twins
Uncle and Auntie adore the wrought iron décor
While mom swishes her fuzzy slippers across the floor

Yes, everyone appreciated the items you bought
Even your brother, whom you almost forgot
A Cyber shopping success story, indeed
Of which, credit goes to the internet’s speed

Sigh…after the tinsel and twinkling lights fade
Bills start arriving via US postage paid
Double digits…then triple, and more on the way
“What have I done?!” you exclaim in dismay

Hey wait! There’s a bright side…in the fine print
No more worries about the money you’ve spent
Or bending the budget to the point of tipping
Because you, my friend, got ‘FREE SHIPPING!’

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