Do you Facebook? The majority of you probably answered yes. In that case, whether you’re a daily user or sporadic like me, you’ve realized certain posts make repeated appearances. Therefore, you’ve probably seen the post about what you’re entitled to “…a comprehensive list of everything you’re entitled to and what the world owes you.” Obviously, the page is blank. However, don’t be discouraged because it’s only a cleverly worded misdirection.

While it holds true that the world owes you nothing…You, on the other hand, OWE YOURSELF EVERYTHING! And if you’ll notice in the picture there’s a pen sitting beside the tablet. Now imagine yourself picking up the pen and writing a list of what you owe yourself and are most definitely entitled to.

Begin with…owing yourself happiness, joy, respect, empowerment, spontaneity, gratitude, honesty, enthusiasm and a healthy dose of self-worth. You owe yourself accountability, stability, confidence, empathy, generosity, trust, success and an endless bucket of bravery. Why bravery? Because it takes courage to face your fears, beat an addiction, end a bad relationship, raise children on your own, take care of elderly parents, survive a life-altering crisis and sometimes it simply takes bravery to get through the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Most importantly, it takes audaciousness to be your authentic self.

Bobbi gFor instance, who cares what others think about you as long as you’re happy? What matters is what you think about you. Prime example: Mio. Every once in a while I go dancing and dance like no one is watching. Seriously! What others might be thinking never occurs to me because I’m having too much fun enjoying one of the simple things in life I’m passionate about…dance. However, I can only imagine they probably believe I’ve totally lost it. The truth is: I’ve totally found it!

It took half my life but I finally understand making myself happy matters most to me and my happiness is entirely up to me. Especially after being bed ridden for two years and suffering with a chronic illness since 2001. Thus, I don’t depend on anyone else for my happiness. It’s my responsibility. I’m entitled and I owe it to myself to be joyful and SO DO YOU. Therefore, when I feel up to it and get a chance to do something awesome for me like creating a painting, I do it!

So while it’s true the world doesn’t owe you a thing and never will; you definitely owe it to yourself to be good and kind to yourself and follow your bliss. For instance, I’m being good to myself if I do something each day for me. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, or take more than a few minutes like watering my plants. I don’t view it as a chore. Instead I consider taking care of my plants and flowers something that pleases me. You’re probably going to snicker and that’s okay, but I also enjoy weeding my flower beds. The peacefulness of sitting down pulling weeds allows me to relax and let my mind wander. Some of my best ideas have come when I let my mind go wherever it wants…so far it’s always come back.

Even now, with two parents to care for I’m tending to one or the other one each day; but it’s times during the day I claim to myself that recharge me and make the entire day worthwhile. Remember, being kind to yourself means being good to yourself and you’re entitled without question. Being kind to yourself could mean reading a book, tinkering in the garage, pausing for some quiet time, taking a walk, meditating, being thankful, noticing little things in nature, forgiving yourself, changing your routine, letting go of past hurts, repotting a plant, breathing deeply, watching a movie, getting in touch with a long lost friend, treating yourself to something you’re passionate about and most importantly valuing your happiness because you are definitely entitled.

Friends, you’re entitled to accept yourself, enjoy being you, follow your dreams, simplify your life and surround yourself with those you love. The world doesn’t owe you anything, however, YOU OWE YOURSELF HAPPINESS! So if you Facebook, the next time you see a post to the contrary say it with me…I AM ENTITLED!

Can you imagine…creating your own list and creating your own happiness!

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