Just wondering if the Summer Olympics will be held this summer? Remember, they were postponed last summer. Summer is almost here and I have not heard much out of Tokyo. And I certainly have not seen the Games being promoted. Just wondering.

Just wondering if starting pitchers in Major League Baseball will ever be allowed by their managers to pitch more than five innings again? Seems like a rare occurrence these days. It was not that long ago when starters regularly pitched seven innings. Just wondering.’

Corey Seager

Corey Seager

Speaking of baseball, I am just wondering why more hitters are being hit by pitch these days. I heard this week that more batters are being hit than ever before. The current ratio is just over one hit batter per 100 at-bats. Just this past week alone, two batters got hit in the face and all-stars, Corey Seager and Ronald Acuna broke bones in their hands while being hit by pitch. Pitchers are now being taught at a young age to throw harder and harder. The result of this is lack of control. Just wondering

Just wondering how the Houston Astro’s coaching staff from back in their sign-stealing cheating days are back in baseball with manager’s jobs. What was the message sent to kids and fans alike when the Detroit Tigers hired A.J. Hinch and the Boston Red Sox hired Alex Cora? Kudos to the New York Mets for firing Carlos Beltran as their manager immediately after learning of his involvement in the cheating.

Just wondering if Aaron Rodgers will really retire from football because he no longer wants to play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. If so, he will have to repay the Packers $22 million in bonus money he already received from the franchise. No matter how much banked money you have, that would have to be a hard check to write. Just wondering how that would feel? I doubt he will find out. He will be playing this fall.

Photo: (Top) Aaron Rodgers