“Remember how I found you there, alone in your electric chair; I told you dirty jokes until you smiled. You were lonely for a man, I said- take me as I am, ‘cause you might enjoy some madness for a while. Now think of all the years you tried to, find someone to satisfy you… I might be as crazy as you say. If I’m crazy then it’s true, that it’s all because of you and you wouldn’t want me any other way! You may be right…I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for! It’s too late to fight; it’s too late to change me.

You may be wrong for all I know…but you may be right!”- Exerted lyrics from “You May Be Right” written and performed by rock singer Billy Joel from his 1980 album Glass House.

They say that every loving couple has a song as in- “They’re playing our song”- (for those of you old enough to be familiar with that romantically sweet classic adage). This usually being a tune they heard together upon their first encounter with one another.

Quite often it’s a harmony both have heard a thousand times before, but only truly hear it for the first time in each other’s arms. Sometimes it’s shared during that first dance or first night of romance… “Romance” not hook-up nookie fun time. So “Let’s get it on…” doesn’t really qualify as an “our song”, but to each their own. Regardless of how it came to be, it’s the melody that is guaranteed to bring back fond memories, pleasant reminiscences and stir up images of and feelings for the one you love…aww!

Some folks believe that having an “our song” is just a tired vintage cliché. If that’s your case then you’re not really in love and your “our song”-less relationship is just a sham- foredoomed to utter failure. Seriously though, whether you know it or not you have a song. You may not find it on the radio or your iTunes playlist, but it’s there. It’s the music you make when you’re with your one and only, only one. Two minds harmonizing, two hearts beating in tandem as one, two souls entwined in a symphony of passion. Maybe you just haven’t got the rhythm down yet to match it up to an actual song or maybe it hasn’t been written yet…hell maybe you should write it.

“Rock and Roll” by Eric Hutchison is the answer you’d get if you ask Lil Red (that’s my better half) about “our song”. It was one of the first we heard together, we danced to it, we sang along. Initially it became the theme for our relationship goals- if we wanna rock we rock and if we wanna roll…well then we roll right the heck on out. However, to be honest the reality of our relationship leans a little more towards the song that opened this week’s column.

Eight years ago Red and I had a conversation that all couples really should before taking their relationship to a more permanent standing. We sat down and discussed our faults and posed the sincerely honest question of- “can you deal and live with this?”

Surprisingly she wasn’t surprised when I took her hands in mine, looked her in the eye and warned her- “Just so you know…I am crazy.”

She didn’t seem to think I was serious, or didn’t truly understand the magnitude of it, so I reiterated- “No you don’t get it. I’m not like all these other happy fun time, do whatever I want- “Look at me I’m crazy!” guys. I am seriously insane, totally looney tunes, utterly and completely bats*** nuts!” She returned my intent gaze accompanied with a soft smile and said- “I know, but I also know you really love me so it’ll be o.k.”

So far it has been. Though, admittedly, I’ve had the smug satisfaction of reminding her she was forewarned when she balks at some of my more off-kilter antics. Yet when all is said and done, she still believes. Believes that love is still the most powerful force in the universe… it concurs all. As long as we stand side by side, hand in hand, there is nothing we cannot do…within reason.

We’ve been to Heaven and been thru Hell and still she smiles. How can she always have a smile… perhaps it’s that melody. Not the one coming thru the car speakers or phone earbuds, but that soft sweet tune that began the moment we met. Everyday a new note, another lyric is added and the symphony continues to grow. All that matters is that we share this music we have made and cherish it for what it is and what it has yet to become. She may be wrong thinking, hoping, believing this way but for all I know-I hope she’s right.

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