It would be oh so nice to say that the “X” in this week’s title indicates that litter has been eradicated from our world. Honestly, it would even be better to be able to say that it’s an anti–litter message as opposed to what it really stands for. No the X in this case is the representation of the Roman-Numeral for 10: as in this is the 10th anniversary of the Have Chainsaw Will Travel Anti-Litter Pictorial Campaign Article. Wow… we’ve been going at this for a whole decade now, and you still can’t pick up after yourselves!!!

What makes this year particularly worse than those in the past is that these pics were taken just days after quarantine was lifted; allowing folks to return to public parks and water access areas. All the trash was fresh, meaning it took less than 48hrs for people to f*** it up!

Why, why, WHY??? Littering is illogical, inconsiderate and stupid. Do you think you’ll never return to this place? Will you just add to the growing pile on your next visit? Or will you decide it’s too trashy and go mess up another locale?

You carried it there in plastic bags (they’re all over the place); in some cases you put the trash back in the bags. So why leave the bags? Do beer bottles get heavier when emptied? Is it not cool to carry trash? Screw being cool, set the example, don’t break the bottles, take what you brought with you.

Keep your pants on or take them with you too. What, once something gets wet it’s garbage? Well if you leave it behind it’s also litter—as well as the potential for being charged with indecent exposure. Don’t be naked and don’t litter!

The picture painted by these pictures is that of a society of lunatics. You go to enjoy nature’s gifts, to sit in the shade of the trees, in the sand on the shore and swim in the water. Then you throw trash in the water you’re swimming in. Get drunk, and break bottles where you sit and walk. Take off your clothes, hang ’em in the trees and leave. WTF indeed!

Let’s try to paint a better picture, shall we? Stop relying on others to clean the canvas and hold the brush. A beautiful masterpiece we can all enjoy is just one trip to the dumpster away.

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