Some regular readers have annually asked “Why haven’t you done a yearly write-up for Independence Day, instead of voicing an annual anti-litter campaign?” Where’s your patriotic spirit, Sawman? The reasons are obvious. A lot of folks don’t really know why we celebrate it or even care. And a few will tell you that’s when we beat the aliens. Either way, they’ll still fire up the BBQ, set off illegal explosives and drink to inebriation… just like on every other “holiday” celebration. Blissful historical ignorance is a cause for pause in my own literation, but that’s not the real reason.

LitterQuick History Lesson: the Fourth of July marks the historic date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. This written declaration stated that the American colonies were tired of being ruled by Great Britain. We wanted to become our own country “independent” of Great Britain’s rules. So, on that day we declared our independence… it wasn’t until 1996 that we beat the aliens.

So, we’ve been independent of our parent country for over 2 centuries now… and we still haven’t learned to pick up after ourselves! Our mutual mother will not be picking up after us. Because she doesn’t live here, and we told her to p*** off over 200 years ago!

C’mon people, our ancestors fought and died for this country. And we show our appreciation in a celebration that leaves broken beer bottles, dirty diapers and firework debris (not to mention a really gross mattress – see photo) lakeside? For the love of Jehovah, regardless of your religion, race, gender or political views, we all still live in this country. So, let’s take a little bit of pride in its appearance and keep it clean. Do that and maybe I can literally celebrate with you, when we do this again next year… let’s not do this again. We don’t need an electoral vote to start making America great again, we just need to stop littering. PLEASE DON’T LITTER!

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.