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Late Night with the Devil (** ½) On Halloween Night 1977, late night talk show host, Jack Delroy, who desperately wants to overtake Johnny Carson in the ratings, makes the fatal mistake of having a possessed girl on as a guest. What happens next unfolds seemingly in real time via the cinematic trope of found footage. Australian filmmakers Cameron and Colin Cairnes, who also scripted and edited, must be commended for executing their concept in a mostly effective way. It’s only during the film’s predictable climax that the seams start to show. Most of the way, though, it’s a lot of fun in the vein of great horror entertainment and there are some nice surprises along the way. Not quite the new horror classic that current critical consensus would lead one to believe but well worth a look.

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Photo: David Dastmalchian, Ingrid Torelli and Lilly D’Abo in Laura Gordon Late Night With The Devil.

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To Die For (1995) Nicole Kidman is a television weather lady who will stop at nothing to further her career, up to and including murder, in this dark comedy from director Gus Van Sant and writer Buck Henry. The first ever 4K release of the film includes 36 minutes of deleted scenes and a commentary.


The musical pairing of Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, Paint Your Wagon (1969), comes to the 4K UHD format this week in a new release featuring spectacular audio/video and a new commentary.

Also, being issued by the label this week is the sports centered comedy-drama, North Dallas Forty (1979), featuring Nick Nolte as an aging football star at odds with his team’s management. Extras include a new commentary and featurettes.

Warner Archive:

The label is issuing quite a few new titles that are making their long requested Blu Ray debut this week.

The John Ford/John Wayne collaboration, 3 Godfathers (1948), in which The Duke is a gunfighter tasked with taking care of an infant, is paired with the rarely seen 1936 original from MGM on the same disc. Extras include trailers.

Stand and Deliver (1988) features Edward James Olmos in his Oscar nominated turn as an inner city school instructor who refuses to give up on his economically challenged students. The film’s trailer is included.

Charlie Sheen is a reporter who can clear wrongfully accused Chris Tucker’s name in Brett Ratner’s comedy Money Talks (1997). The release also features a trailer.

Acclaimed director George Roy Hill’s adaptation of the John Le Carre novel, The Little Drummer Girl (1984), which stars Diane Keaton as an actress thrust into the world of espionage, is also being issued. The film’s trailer is included.

The Boob/Why Be Good (1926-29) are two rarely seen silent film comedies from director William Wyler and William Seiter beautifully restored from the camera negative in this Blu Ray double feature.

Giant Interactive:

The Contender (2000) President Jeff Bridges (Oscar nominee) finds himself locking horns with a senator (Gary Oldman), after nominating a female senator (Joan Allen) for the vice presidency, in this acclaimed political thriller getting its first ever Blu Ray release.

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