“I want a new drug, one that won’t make me sick! One that won’t make me crash my car or make me feel three-feet thick. I want a new drug, one that won’t hurt my head; one that won’t make my mouth too dry or make my eyes too red.” Lyrics excerpted from “I Want a New Drug” by American rock band Huey Lewis and the News, circa January 1984.

Now it may come as a surprise to some, shock (of disbelief) to others and perhaps even disappointing to a few, but this writer has never done drugs. Never suffered refer madness, popped a pill, snorted or shot-up anything. Why? Umm… well because there was never a need or desire to. Weren’t you curious? Nope… saw what it did to the cat. Correction — saw the potential horrors of what it could do through other people and decided I’d pass.

More honestly, I’m messed up enough as it is and don’t really need any outside help to further that endeavor.

Wait, hold on, okay so there are daily inductions of caffeine and nicotine (still working on that). But those are “legal drugs”. So that makes it okay, right? Somehow justifies the fact that I’m slowly killing myself, but doing it legally. Probably not; whether you steal a pack of gum from a convenience store or everything from the register at gunpoint, it’s still stealing.

If you’re pondering what prompted that group therapy confession session then let us cut to the chase. Recently a communique arrived via the USPS. It contained an independent news article entitled “The Walking Dead”.

Social OverdoseIt was not referencing the television series or an imminent zombie apocalypse. Rather it spoke of how our society is rapidly evolving into mindless shambling shells of humanity. Becoming desensitized zombies that pursue their own demise through addiction and how the age level for joining this squid game continues to decline. The article cited the current drug culture and the image it presents (glamorized through film, television, music and social media) as the antagonist. It was an interesting read and would go into more detail, but hey — plagiarism.

There is no doubt that the current delusional “drug culture” is spreading like an infectious plague through society. That it’s turning the youth of today into the adults that will never leave home tomorrow. Realistically we can’t all be pimps, thugs and hoochie mamas or papas (equality). And few have the patience to play background action to another’s “fast and furious” lifestyle.

Yes, drug use and abuse deals a heavy hand in social decline but in perspective… it’s just another slap in the face, amongst many a blow. From here on in it’s gonna get a little sporadic and a bit hairy. So grab a razor, and pay attention: “This is a blues riff in ‘B’, watch me for the changes, and try and keep up.” (Marty McFly)

Nobody wants to work, but complains about the government that will have to support them. Everybody gets a trophy; we’re all equal, so why bother trying to do better? There’s nothing wrong with bringing the curve down as long as you won’t be going down alone? Cause and effect upon others is forgotten in our selfish mentality. Yet we expect others to feel sorry, sympathetic and acceptingly understand everybody’s point of view. All the while laying claim to individuality by acting and looking like everyone else. We claim originality without looking down to those we trod upon.

Everybody has a voice; whether or not they have anything worth saying. Of course it doesn’t matter what anyone says — it can’t be heard when everyone’s talking. Everyone’s offended by everything but offer no realistic alternatives. Reputations are built on spite and bullying. We try so hard to see the villain’s side, the hero’s plight is forgotten. No one can be judged and there are no penalties, no punishment and no boogie man to delve it out. Everybody wants to complain about everything but nobody does anything. Why should they? Where the hell would you start?

Our society is committing suicide on a daily basis. The human race is lost in a self-created self-absorbed conflict. And when it all comes crashing down… none will be the wiser.

NEXT WEEK: As the fog shifts is there hope for the human race on the horizon?

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya.