“When, it doesn’t apply to everything about everyone, when you take it seriously only for fun.” ­­— Chainsaw.

When was the last time you rented a DVD? When was the movie so good you bought the DVD? When has the movie been so good, you bought it to share as a gift with a friend? When have you bought a movie you didn’t like, to give to a friend because they did? When do you realize you have too many DVDs? When will you accept the fact that you’ll probably never watch them again? When was the last time you donated to a thrift store?

When have you not rented a movie on DVD because you already owned it on VHS? When did you realize that VHS still is and has forever been terrible quality? When’s the last time you were able to finish a movie without interruption? When have you been able to say the book was better? When did you turn off the TV and sit down with a good book? When you finally understood that it’s going to be better anyway?

When’s the last time you have actually relaxed and been yourself? When have you danced like nobody’s watching? When have you loved (yourself) like you’ll never get hurt? (That sounds wrong and potentially dangerous – please use caution when self-lovin’.)

When’s the last time you sang like no one was listening? When have you been writing something and realized it rang out like the lyrics of a sappy old country music song?

When have you taken some time just for yourself? When did you think you deserved it? When did you earn it? When will you get off you’re a** and do something? When are you going to do something with your life? When you’re ready? When will you be happy with what you see in the mirror? When you do something about it!

When will you accept yourself for who you are? When will you realize it’s not all about you?

When have you taken some time for someone else? When will you be the “someone else?” When will you remember to realize it’s not all about you?

When have you saved a baby from a pack of ravenous wolves? When was the last time you saved a wolf from a pack of ravenous babies? When will you not assume that a baby doesn’t have to necessarily be human and helpless?

When have you ever gone out of your way? When have you inconvenienced yourself without thinking of yourself? When have you helped someone with no expectations of repayment? When have you repaid someone’s kindness unexpectedly? When have you complimented someone without provocation? When have you been complimented in return?

When have you given aide or encouragement to a stranger? When is a stranger no longer a stranger? When you make them your friend! When have you spent time with a friend who just needed you there? When will you get that you and your time are important to other people? When have you visited an older family member, co-worker or friend? When you have time? When will you realize that everyone won’t be around forever?

When’s the last time you went to a funeral? When have you experienced horrific, inconsolable sorrow? When did you feel true gut wrenching regret? When has guilt over selfishness and wasted time eaten you alive? When have you realized “it’s not about you” so much that you’ve forgotten yourself? When will the pain end? When will it all end? When did this get so dark?

When is when? When is now! When is later! When is today! When is tomorrow! When is whenever possible as soon as possible! When can’t always be there! When won’t be there yesterday! When the when is yesterday, then the when has already happened. When can quickly and easily become too late! When will be gone tomorrow! When will not wait! When happens whenever you’re ready, so be ready so you can remember when.

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Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused. See ya.